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img img Romance img Pull You Closer Into Me
Pull You Closer Into Me

Pull You Closer Into Me

img Romance
img 350 Chapters
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Author: Sophie
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He needed a wife to deal with the pressure and expectations from his family, she needed a new husband to replace her groom, who ran away the day before the wedding. However, it turned out, they both had conflicting agendas. While Elsa, disappointed and disillusioned on the institution of marriage and love in general, thought their marriage was a simple business agreement, a temporary solution to save face from her embarrassing desertion. Soren, on the other hand, broke the contract and fell in love. He took advantage of every opportunity and used every underhanded and unfair means in his seduction book, to pull her closer to him day by day. What would he do to win her heart? Would she fall for his tricks and fall in love with him too?

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