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Right Here Waiting,URSULA CHAPMAN

Right Here Waiting

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Cassandra is a wealthy and beautiful girl. Five years ago, she married Martin who she didn’t love at all. Later she left him to be with her best love. Unexpectedly, her best love falls in love with her elder sister and wants to marry her sister. Her parents and her elder sister are always mean to her. They force her to marry Martin in place of her elder sister. When she refuses, they lock her up. For them, she is also a business tool that can help the family to build a good relationship with her husband’s family. With great disappointment and intense hatred, she accepts their demand and secretly plans to revenge on the brutal and unfair treatment she has suffered from her family and her best love. She never wants to live in that way. Would she undergo a rebirth successfully? Would she find her true love this time? Don’t wait any more and start reading Right Here Waiting.

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