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Billionaire's Gift

Billionaire's Gift

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Mandy is young, beautiful, and rich. She has the perfect life and the perfect boyfriend. But one night, her whole world turns upside down--she catches her boyfriend, Daniel having an affair; she goes to bar where she gets drugged and loses her virginity to Nathan, a man who forces her to have a one-night stand with him; and her father gets arrested by the police. Then, she has no choice but to agree to be Nathan’s mistress for a month so that he would protect her and her family in return. But unexpectedly, Mandy falls in love with him and even agrees to be his girlfriend. However, another girl who likes Nathan is jealous and tries every means to separate them. Can Nathan and Mandy get through this? Don’t wait any more and start reading Billionaire's Gift!

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Latest Release: Chapter 1035 I Met You Very Late, And I'll Spend The Rest Of My Life With You (Part Two)   12-06 16:33