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Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO

Ms. CEO vs. Mr. CEO

52 Chapters
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Alexandra Yang was simple but a terrible woman. Timothy Huang was also a terrible man. They fated to meet but will Timothy fall for her when he knew that Alexandra Yang was a more terrible than him? She is a leader of underground organization, a lawyer and a CEO too?

Chapter 1 Hotel Employee (1)

On my signal, one, two, three…and a gun shots was fired against the enemy. After a few minutes there was peace, and the only men standing was headed by a woman. Queen! You are amazing! Exclaimed by Tao and all the man cheered and agreed. There were about twenty or more encounters happened in the past three years since Alex became the leader of the organization in the Asian Region. But nobody knew and see her because she wanted a peaceful life. Every time they will face an enemy she will disguise herself as queen, during normal day she is just a typical student and community worker.

Alex was busy doing her job as room attendant in Lee Mansion Hotel. She is working here 5 days a week. Her job is normally to keep all the rooms neat and tidy for the guest. Since it is in Paris, quality and service are the name of the game. Today, was just a normal day for her except that one of her colleagues was sick, she has to replace her in the Public Area. There is an on-going activity in the hotel which is attended by 800 people around the world. At first, she wanted to decline her boss because there might be someone who knew her. But because her boss was so kind to her she accepted the job anyway, just for today.

While she is doing her job, 3 children are playing in the area and it cause a lot of worry for her because first, the area they were playing at she just cleaned it, second, they might meet an accident because the floor is slippery and third, they were so naughty. Annoyed Alex approach the kids but she hide her annoyance

She approach the girl. What is your name swettie? Ask Alex

The girl stared at her and smile. I am Julianna. Wow, you have a beautiful name, complimented by Alex. She also asked the other 2 boys which replied to her their names Justin and Jarred. She told them, kids, you have to take care because the floor is slippery after saying this, the 2 boys threw 2 pillows directly to her face and laughed. It drew attention to people. While Juliana, shouted Stop! You are bad! You are bad! and tears are about to fall. But Alex, told her, baby im fine, your brothers are just playing. But what they did is really wrong I will talk to them. What is happening to her and the kids got the attention of a man but he let her handle the situation of kids. He just observing what will be the next move of alex.

Swettie, stay here, don't run around. I will be back.

She approached the two boys, she talked to them. The man was surprised and wondering what she said to the boys because they obey her like a master of the sheep. No other person ever did it. They did not even obey him when he is talking to them. In the couch, the 3 kids and Alex are discussing something, curious of what she is telling to them, the man hide in one corner and attentively listening to what she is telling.

"Justin, how old are you"?

"I am 6 years old and you Jarred, I am 8 years old, " Replied the 2 boys.

"See, you are older than Juliana and yet you both are not setting a good example to her. You should be the one who is taking care of her and become her idol. Big brothers are like heroes. They protect, love and taking care of the people close to them". Scolded by Alex. "Who are you with today"? Asked Alex, "Our dad replied" the 2 boys. "And your mom"? Alex questioned.

"We don't have mom anymore, she passed away when we are little".

For a few seconds, alex was stunned and surprised and her heart ached a little bit for this kids. I am sorry for that. Said Alex.

"You have no mom, all the more that you should keep each other company because only the 3 of you will protect and love each other while your dad is away. Of course your dad loves you, but I think he is busy making money for your future".

With this statement, the man felt a little strange in his heart. Who is this woman, is she married, is she have her own kids why she handled it very well.

"Did you know that a lot of kids outside is longing to have a life like yours? A lot of them no brothers and sisters and they don't have food to eat, you are lucky that you have a lot of food and you have each other. A lot of them, no parents to call mom and dad, and you, you have your dad. A lot of them, they don't experience to sleep in a comfortable bed but you, I think you have your own bed in your home. A lot of them, they don't have home. See, you have to behave and become a person that appreciate what they have". Said Alex. After she said these, Juliana is now weeping.

"Don't cry swettie, when I have time, I will bring you this children".

Really? asked Juliana.

"Justin and Jarred, from now on, act as a hero okay"? The boys nodded in agreement to her words.

"But heroes are flying and fighting. Are we going to fly and fight"? Asked Justin. Alex, laughed a bit.

"Not all the heroes are flying and fighting. Many of them are just simple people without wearing any costumes. And they are kind, behave and obedient, just like you. You can become a hero". Said Alex.

"Really"? asked Justin.

"Yes, that is why, from now on, you should act as hero".

The man, silently smiled and admired the woman.

I will go now, I still have to work to do. When she is about to go, What is your name? Asked Jarred. I am Alex. With a smile you can call me, Auntie Alex. Remember to behave, take care each other and become a hero. And Alex walked away.

The 3 kids left without thinking of just what happened. Until the activity was finished they behave and stayed to each other's side.

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