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Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice

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“I am here to give birth to your child, Mr. Iguchi. When my ovulation period is on its peak, I will let you know so we can have sex.” The cold, monotonous, and serious tone of Yuki Nakamura as she said those words to Eto Iguchi left him speechless. She is indeed attractive, and as a man, Eto was attracted to her at first sight. But her cold demeanor and uninterested glances she gave him made him unable to fathom her. He just turned 40, and his life as a man has just started. How could he have a warm romance with his wife who is as cold as ice? If he cannot find a way to break the ice, their lives might be broken. As Eto tried to get to know Yuki as much as he could, he realized that he was just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes, marriage is not the end of a love story. It is when a true love story begins – Elria.

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