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His Dream Girl

His Dream Girl

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Author: vee0821
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''Lick it off.'' My eyes widened at Stefan's response. I was in shock not knowing what to do as he continues to stare at me with a smirk on his face. ''Lick... what... off?'' I said nervously to him. ''The salt.'' ''I--- I----- I--- uh.... don't see it.'' ''It's in my bottom lips.'' ''I can't tell.'' He grabs my hand and made me wipe the salt on his bottom lips. My skin crawled with wild goosebumps just by what he did to me. His eyes darkened in a sexual way signaling that he wants to do something dirty to me. -------- Isabella Vega is the Dream Girl that the bad boy and hottest Toronto billionaire Stefan Mitchell has always looked for. Being his assistant, was a horrible experience for Isabella which caused her to leave Stefan alone for a while. After realizing that the bad boy was wrong, he turns over to her and made Isabella fall all over for him.

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