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Author: EJBowman
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Set on the planet of Manticore in the 50th century, Lord Koris Young and Lord Lysander Jordanis vie for the chairman role in the soon-approaching election while also trying to keep sanity in their personal lives as their worlds fall apart around them. Koris Young, the youngest chairman candidate in Manticorian history at seventy, must learn to survive in the political game with natural ageism and his conflicting views from the other lords and ladies as he fights for equal rights on a class-based planet. He must learn how to tactfully propose his suggestions to unite the uptowners and downtowners -- an idea frowned upon by other Manticorian politicians -- or watch his only chance of changing Manticore for the better crumble in front of his eyes. Lysander Jordanis seems like the more logical choice for the people of Manticore. He's over six-hundred years-old and has been in the political game longer than his rival has been alive. Despite this natural advantage, Lord Jordanis' pride is his downfall as he starts to lose everything he loves due to his own fault.

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