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The Millionaire Obsession

The Millionaire Obsession

22 Chapters
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"Stay back Roman , Don't come near me I am warning you . please let me go . You can't keep me here forcefully ". At that moment my back collided with the wall and i knew there was no way of escaping, I was trapped with the monster hovering over me . Seeing him too close to me his minty breath fanning my face i closed my eyes tightly. "Love you are home. " He cooed ."You are my possession. I love you and you are mine and only mine " I tried to get away from him as he whispered to me but he was quick to lift me off the floor in his arms and then he sealed my faith with a kiss. A tear rolled down my eyes . I knew i was his obsession and he would never let me go . My faith was sealed in this mansion with him whether I like it or not .

Chapter 1 Serra

"Baby girl stay here Mommy will be back soon just stay here I am going to get your daddy. Then we will go and no bad guy can hurt my baby girl. Mommy is here."

Amanda Parker knew that she will never see her daughter again. Her heart shattered to see her 5 year old daughter hugging her tightly and crying in fear. She knew very well that Andrew Parker was dead. How she wished she can take Serra away. But if they discovered that she was gone they would come after her and hurt Serra. She wasn't going to risk her daughter's life. Serra was the only reason left for her to live. She and Andrew have so far managed to hide Serra. She will never let them hurt Serra.

"Mommy please don't go the bad guys have guns they will hurt you."

Amanda kissed the top of her daughter's head. She handed her over to Vincent who was the most trusted man of Andrew Parker .It was his job to hide Serra. Amanda kissed her daughter one last time who was crying for her parents. Kicking and screaming to get to her mother. Amanda looked away, refusing to cry in front of her daughter. Refusing to show Serra that she wasn't going to see her again Vincent put Serra in his SUV. The last thing that Serra remembered was the car driving away as gun shot was heard and her mother screaming in pain and agony.

Serra jolted awake from her dream. As often she was thrashing and crying like a trapped animal. After listening to her screams her two best friends, Jamaica and Anna came running in her room. Concern and fear was evident in their eyes. They engulfed her in a bear hug to calm her down. She was breathing heavily and sweat coated her forehead.

"Guys I can't breath" she said panting.

"Sorry Serra Bear, " they said in union.

"Huh the same night mare again?" Jamaica asked.

She pulled away from the frightened girl to which Serra nodded her head. "It okay! We are here now" she ensured her best friend who was like a family to her.

"Anna you stay with her and I will go and make breakfast. Serra bear go get ready you have to go its almost time for your first job."

"Thank you guys for everything. I should probably get dressed". She looked at the vintage mirror by her side and shuddered at the sight. No doubt she looked terrible. She was covered in sweat, her clothes clinging to her like second skin. Her long blond hair were mattered on her hairs like a bird's nest. There were bags under her eyes. She rushed to the washroom that was attached to her room. She did her business. Brushed her teeth. Washed herself. She put her hair in a messy bun. She was ready to start her job. She had to do 4 jobs in order to support herself. She hated it as they were dead end jobs but they were enough to provide for her food and bills.

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