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The Devil's Mate

The Devil's Mate

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He's been looking for her for over ten thousand millenniums, he wants her, he needs her and he won't wait for another second to get her. Victoria Jane Heavenly is your average normal girl with a normal life. Ever since she could toddle her has been...

Chapter 1

Running through the empty halls, I race against the clock to reach my classroom on time. Stupid alarm was the sixth clock this month I“d unknowingly smashed to bits this month alone. Mum keeps on saying I pushed it off of the nightstand but I don“t see how it melted into a liquid this morning.

Turning the dial on my locker, quickly getting frustrated when the door won“t open, I stand back and run my shoulder into the rusty door. The door creaks open, rubbing my shoulder, I put in my jacket, my school bag and take out my things.

Slamming the door shut, I run to the second level for my first lesson, Chemistry with Mr Banks. I round the corner rushing to the last classroom down the hall. Not looking where I“m going, I slam head first into a wall and I fly back a few meters, groaning, I feel my cheeks heat up.

"Hey!" A deep enchanting male voice murmurs from above me."You alright?"

Warm hazelnut brown eyes that are shining in excitement stare down at me, bulging muscles straining against his thin black T-shirt, a long-fingered hand stretched out towards me.

Taking it, I feel a jolt of electricity go down my spine spreading a warmness through me as it travels leaving little tingles in its wake.

"Oh!" I gasp as he pulls me to my feet, my small, 5 foot 4 frame against his probably 6 foot 2 body. My breasts pressed against his muscular chest, my cheeks heat up at this realisation. "Sorry."

"It“s alright," he mutters, the excitement in his eyes fading replaced by a coldness.

A wave of relief washes over me when he says this, he no longer looks excited like he was when he was coming over to me now...he just looks disappointed.

The bell for the start of first-period sounds and I jump out of his arms immediately missing his warmth, muttering thanks and goodbye, I rush into the Chemistry classroom just as Mr Banks walks in from the back door.

"For once," he murmurs as I walk past him to my seat. "You“re exactly on time."

I sigh and take out my books in a pretence that I“m listening when in fact all I can think about is the guy from the hallway, the way he felt pressed against me...the tingles...

By the time the bell rings for lunch, I realise I have no idea what has been going on all day, caught up in my own world, my mind replaying his words over and over again in my head.

Deciding to do some research, I go to the school“s library to look up the language, I assume it“s latin and get translating. By the time lunch ends, I find nothing on the subject.

Heading dejectedly to my locker which I open to retrieve my Greek Mythology textbook when a stack of about ten papers fly out, picking them up, I quickly scan them over and realise they“re not mine. A bright yellow sticky note in my locker catches my attention.

In a cursive, neat handwriting, someone wrote. “If you“re looking for me read the papers.“

Huh? These?

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