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The Billionaire's Stepsister

The Billionaire's Stepsister

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"Who's the bastard's father?" Marcello's cold eyes narrowed to the test results in her hand and then locked with Emilia's but her gaze averted from his in fear of his reaction.After all, he was the only one she slept with. His tone slightly became louder as he said,"Answer me, Emilia."She squinted her eyes releasing a breath she didn't realize she was holding finally managing to muster,"There um to be here soon-"He cut her off raking a hand through his hair in frustration.This time he placed his hands on her shoulders tightening his grip while yelling he demanded,"Answer me." A tear stroked down her pale cheek as she stuttered," I....t It's um yours."He stepped closer to her causing Emilia's breathe to hitch involuntarily as his cold glare became more intense."You are a lier."

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