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My Mute Bride: A Captivating Tale of Love, Challenges, and Sacrifice

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In the enchanting pages of "My Mute Bride," embark on a journey filled with heart-wrenching dilemmas and unexpected twists. This contemporary masterpiece unveils a poignant story of Rachel Hudson, who finds herself entangled in an unconventional marriage due to her family's desperate circumstances. Struggling with her own voicelessness and societal pressures, Rachel must navigate the complexities of her new life as she fulfills her obligations and grapples with the consequences of keeping silent.

Chapter 1.

In the opening chapter of "My Mute Bride," we are introduced to Rachel Hudson on her wedding night. Unwilling to marry the disfigured eldest son of the Burton Family, her sister Amber persuaded their father to have Rachel take her place. However, the wedding lacked ceremony and guests, leaving Rachel feeling deeply disappointed with her own family. As Rachel sits in contemplation, Justin Burton, her current husband, enters the room. With his sharp black eyes and a scar marring his handsome face, Justin realizes that Rachel is not the intended bride, Amber. Moments of miscommunication occur as Rachel attempts to communicate through sign language. Justin's initial anger turns into cold determination as he confronts Rachel about the deception and demands that she fulfill her obligations as his wife. Embarrassed by her misunderstandings, Rachel fears rejection but is taken aback when Justin orders her to assist him while he takes a bath. Tension builds as Rachel struggles to comply with Justin's commands, accidentally scratching him in the process. Both characters are haunted by past events involving the Hudson Family, and their interactions escalate from confusion to resentment.

Chapter 2.

In the second chapter of "My Mute Bride," Rachel wakes up in pain and finds Justin absent from their bedroom. She meets Sue Praham, Justin's maternal aunt, who criticizes Rachel for being substituted as the bride and belittles her as a mute. Sue orders Rachel to prepare lunch, asserting her authority despite the presence of servants. Rachel acquiesces and demonstrates her cooking skills while feeling ignored and isolated during the meal. After Rachel leaves, Sue complains to Justin about the Hudson Family's disrespect and suggests finding another wife for him. Justin remains stoic and unresponsive to Sue's remarks, revealing a strained relationship between them due to past trauma involving human traffickers. Mrs. Duncan, one of the servants, consoles Sue and expresses concern for Justin's emotional detachment. The chapter highlights the tension between Rachel and Sue, and hints at Justin's complicated history and internal struggles.


Chapter 3.

In the third chapter of "My Mute Bride," Amber, Jefferey Hudson's daughter, expresses her dislike for Justin Burton and insists on marrying Julian Peters instead. Jefferey defends Rachel, mentioning that she was a necessary substitute for Amber in the marriage. Suddenly, Jefferey receives a call informing him that the funding from the Burton Family has disappeared. Both Jefferey and Amber are shocked and worried about their financial situation. They blame Justin for going back on his word. Meanwhile, Rachel is being tasked with household chores by Sue Praham, who continues to treat her poorly. Sue wants Rachel to face difficulties and potentially back out of the marriage. Rachel finds dealing with Sue to be tiresome.


Mute Bride Book Recommendation:

After delving into the intriguing chapters described earlier, readers may find themselves captivated by the enthralling world of "The CEO's Mute Wife." This book takes us on a journey with Amanda, a woman burdened with a scarred past and a stolen voice. Her life becomes entwined with Justin, a man characterized by his traumatic experiences and lack of trust in others.

As their paths converge in a contracted marriage, the initial absence of love casts a shadow on their union. Yet, within the confines of their arrangement, an unexpected tenderness begins to blossom. Will Amanda's gentleness be able to melt Justin's icy heart? Can Justin, in turn, recognize that there might still be room for love in his life?

Amidst the complexities of their relationship, readers will be drawn into the intricate dance between two individuals carrying their own emotional baggage. The struggles they face as they navigate the boundaries of their contract will undoubtedly ignite curiosity and anticipation.

The CEO's Mute Wife

The CEO's Mute Wife

"Our relationship is just a contracted marriage. You and I, both have benefits. Don’t think I'll give you something called love. I will never love you." He looked at the woman sitting on the bed, coldly warning her not to do anything too extreme. Amanda's life is associated with criticism and abandonment from her parents, from others. Her face had a terrifying scar, even her voice was stolen. Amanda suddenly realized, she was just a piece of chess for others to take advantage of. When she is no longer worth taking advantage of, she will be discarded and trampled on. Unlike Amanda, Justin is the second son of the Stephen family who is highly respected. He has a traumatic past and was also an outcast. Because of past wounds, Justin doesn't trust anyone. All relationships around him are just taking advantage. Two people come together, because of a marriage contract. But, with such a long time together, can Amanda's tenderness touch Justin's cold heart? Will Justin realize that he still has something called love? And what will be the relationship between the two of them after the contracted marriage ends?

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"The CEO's Mute Wife" promises a compelling exploration of love, trust, and personal growth. With its blend of mysterious pasts, complex characters, and the lingering question of what lies beyond the end of their contractual bond, this book is sure to leave readers yearning for more.

For those who crave a tale filled with captivating twists and turns, this riveting novel serves as the perfect companion to satisfy their desire for a captivating, emotive narrative. So, immerse yourself in the enchanting pages of "The CEO's Mute Wife" and discover the captivating story that lies within its enticing premise.